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Gymnastics education can begin at an early age. Once your child is walking, a parent/toddler class is an excellent place to start. Your child can comfortably learn skills that improve balance and coordination with you right next to him or her. Your child can enjoy being around other children, but with the one-on-one attention they need. Parents also learn skills they can use in developmental play at home.

GymBeat Jr. is a specialized set of programs for children 12 months to 5 years. Safety and age-appropriate activities are emphasized as your child learns beginning gymnastics skills on bars, beam, trampoline, obstacle course and tumble track. While learning gymnastics, students will also work on visual-motor coordination, listening, and socialization and have the chance to review their ABCs, colors, parts of the body, numbers and counting. At Gymnastics Beat, your child will have the opportunity to play on awesome equipment that no other children's program offers - 2 trampolines and a tumble track. This fun program is guaranteed to boost your child's self-esteem.

Parent Tot

Ages Walking - 3
  • Children for the most part have difficulty focusing, staying with the class, and taking direction.
  • Children this age have just begun to walk. They are learning how to balance on their feet, jump, and run. They will be building muscle, balance skills, and coordination through jumping, climbing, manipulative skills, and gymnastics circuits. Repetition and routine are KEY!
  • Parents must be there to assist their child with class activities and keep the child from wandering the gym.
  • Children learn a few elementary gymnastics skills and practice basic motor skills with the assistance of their parents or the coach.


Ages 3-4
  • Children are able to stay in class and be with a coach without mom or dad around.
  • Children are getting better at concentrating in class, but still may have some issues with following the coach's instructions or staying in line/taking turns.
  • Coordination is improving greatly, but children are still sorting out the kinks with learning movement. They need to repeat the same moves over and over again to build up their strength and coordination.
  • Children are also learning how to take direction from the teacher; how to stay in line; how to socialize with other students; listening skills.
  • Children learn beginner gymnastics skills and practicing basic motor skills.

Beginning Gym Jr.

Ages 4 - 5
  • Children are able to follow coach instructions, work on corrections to their skills, stay in line, listen, and most importantly work on a skill on their own.
  • Basic motor coordination development is almost complete.
  • Classes are working on the same skills as our level 1 recreational class, but with geared themes towards 5 year old children.
  • Younger children may join this class based on ability.

Pre Rec

By invitation only. Check with your coach if you have questions.


As your child matures, brain growth is very rapid and new skills can be readily learned. In the preschool years, children continue to improve their gross motor skills and also begin to develop some strength and flexibility. They are now able to participate cooperatively in a group setting and follow directions from a coach/teacher.

Gymnastics for older children is available in a variety of formats including recreational classes and competitive team participation. This allows all children to participate in the sport regardless of their size and/or ability. Each child can advance at his/her own speed as he/she learns new skills. Gymnastics not only increases strength, grace and flexibility, but also encourages hard work, discipline and determination. Gymnasts learn to tackle challenges and overcome their fears as they advance in the sport. The action, variety of skills and events, and the reward of accomplishment keep the sport of gymnastics fun and exciting for young athletes.

For kids ages 6 and up. In our recreational classes, your child will explore the basics of gymnastics on every apparatus as they progress and become proficient in basic core gymnastics skills. Our recreational classes are non-competitive and are designed to build strength, flexibility and self-esteem. Students will be evaluated every three months to check their progress and see if they pass to the next level.

For more information please see our schedule.
  • Rec students attend classes between 1-5 hours per week
  • Skills learned through level 2 Gymnastics per USA Gymnastics regulations
  • Students will practice and learn skills on all Olympic Events
  • Strength, coordination, tumbling, and balance is the core focus of rec classes


Interested in competitive gymnastics but aren't able to make the commitment required for our Junior Olympic program? The Xcel program might just be for you!

The goal of Xcel is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience.

Xcel is perfect for those gymnasts that...
  • Have a passion for gymnastics and want to stay involved in the sport for the long term, while not striving for the goal of being a Level 10 or elite gymnast.
  • Cannot be in the gym the number of hours that the Junior Olympic program requires because of other activities or sports but still want to be a competitive gymnast.
  • Have fears of skills that the Junior Olympic and Compulsory programs require them to have. In Xcel, requirements are more flexible.
For more information please contact Scott at


Our pre-competitive program, EliteBeat, is made up of athletes who are interested in competitive gymnastics but are not quite ready to join our Junior Olympic program. This group of athletes are 4-10 years old and train level 2 & 3 skills to prepare them to be a future team athlete!

Pre-team placement is by invitation only, but for more information please contact


GymBeat Artistic is the competitive division of Gymnastics Beat. Our team trains up to 14 hours per week and attends competitions against other teams throughout California. Our team of coaches focuses on teaching artistic compulsory and optional level routines and refining those skills. They are dedicated to the success and accomplishment of our team members.

For more information please contact Scott at

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